• Workshop on a Cruise“Seminar At Sea” Cruises

    Plan a special event that will stand out from your competitors and have attendees clamoring to sign up! Why hold your event in a stuffy hotel room when you can plan a memorable, exciting Seminar At Sea? Cruising creates a magical flavor of adventure and a built in excitement factor that a hotel seminar simply cannot match. Take your show on the road, or in this case, to the sea!

    You and your group will get to experience various ports of call while learning and growing your business. Also, when you hold your event on board a cruise ship, gourmet meals and entertainment are included, Audio Visual needs are part of the package, and most important, your group will be highly engaged and won’t wander away on meal breaks. There are fewer distractions from work and family while on a cruise than at a hotel-based retreat.

    A Seminar At Sea cruise is a unique, intimate way to connect with your tribe and share information in a fun, festive environment. Privacy and security is ensured as well. Some of the time onboard is scheduled and there is free time set aside, so participants can explore ports of call and relax, combining vacation time and R&R with the information they will receive, for a better all around experience.

    A Seminar At Sea package can include the following and, like all of our packages, is fully customizable according to your needs and goals for the event.

    • Networking Cocktail Party
    • Fun Entertainment, Daily Activities
    • Trivia Games (based on your theme)
    • Meditation Session
    • Charity Auction
    • Autograph and Photo Sessions (if you have well known or celebrity speakers)
    • Choice of Ports of Call
    • Airfare/Transfers/Transportation
    • Various levels of cabins available, some with sea views
    • Group Shore Excursions
    • 4-7 Day Cruises Available
    • Customized to your cruise theme

    Contact us today and we will assist you in customizing your unforgettable “Seminar at Sea” adventure.

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