About us

Meet Maria Stefanopoulos

As the daughter of a Greek-born father who loved to globetrot, Ingenious Travel’s Owner, Maria Stefanopoulos, fell in love with the allure of travel at a very young age—you may even say she has travel in her blood! Maria honed this natural-born knack of making travel fun and adventure-packed while absorbing the sights, cultures, and sports of Greece, Italy, France, England, Belgium, Canada and many other exotic locations around the globe.

Once Maria realized that travel allowed her to break free of everyday routines to discover new and intriguing sights, sounds, tastes and people, she was hooked and longed to share this incredible gift with everyone she could. At first, she helped friends and family with their travel plans.

Finally the day came when Maria decided to bring to others this passion for seeing the world and her innate knowledge of how to travel well while enjoying every bit of fun on vacations. Maria is uniquely positioned to help her clients design interesting and exciting customized travel experiences that they remember for a lifetime.

Maria and her team specialize in making dream vacations a reality, whether you enjoy rooting for your favorite team during a sports-themed vacation or rubbing shoulders with celebrities on the red carpet of an awards show as part of a star-studded entertainment themed holiday. Maria has been a frequent visitor at various sporting events in major cities including Toronto, Chicago, Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego, Orlando, Los Angeles and Detroit, as well as awards shows such as The Daytime Emmy Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

Maria was raised in Michigan and worked with American Express Travel as well as with the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. Besides her appetite for travel, Maria is an avid reader of sci-fi fantasies and a die-hard sports fan, especially hockey. After spending a decade in Southern California and missing the seasons, she returned to southeast Michigan, decided it was too cold, and now lives close to family near sunny Tampa, FL!

Meet Barbara Dietrich

Barbara has always had passion for travel but, it became more important to her when she and her husband had to close their Café due to her husband’s medical issues. So she decided now was the time for her to start her new and exciting Career in the Travel Industry.  She hasn’t looked back!  Driven by her sense of discovery and fearless spirit and Customer Service she continues to explore the world while inspiring others to do the same.  Barbara hopes to inspire others to live out their wildest adventures and love travel as much as she does. Let Barbara help you make your dreams come true!!!!

Meet Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant is a content creator currently based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Of course, if you asked her she would say she lives on the internet. In fact, it is working and playing online that fueled her passion for travel. As a ghostwriter for many travel agents, she became obsessed with finding fun things to do and see in the top tourist destinations in the world. Then again, she also adores finding those secret hidden treasures not yet run over by mainstream popularity.
It is this love of research that lead to her desire to join Ingenious Travel as an assistant agent under it’s owner Maria Stefanopoulos. Though Ashley doesn’t know where this part of her journey will take her, she is thrilled at the thought of starting a new chapter with such an auspicious agency.
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