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First things first

Let’s face it, it’s expensive to travel to far away places (and totally worth it, trust me!) Compared to most shorter distance, or domestic flights, you may already be experiencing some sticker shock.

But let me suggest a reframe here….

Instead of looking at the total price tag, break it down into cost per travel hour. Let’s compare 24 hours to Sydney at $2,500 vs. 3.5 hours to Vegas for $250. Sydney breaks down to $104/hour and Vegas to $71/hour – it doesn’t look so bad anymore, does it? Now, considering you are going to be spending hours and hours on that plane, it’s worth spending a little extra – per travel hour – to upgrade for more comfort.

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Airplane Seats | Ingenious TravelThere is an excess of in-flight horror stories these days. You probably have experienced an intoxicated person a few rows back who doesn’t stop whining at the top of his lungs, or a baby who doesn’t stop crying, or the classic case of an overeager seatmate who goes on and on and on with the story of his/her life. However, more than these out-and-out exasperating situations, there are still numerous other instances that may not be as apparent but are still prevalent causes of stress to the hapless victim.

One of the major stressed during a flight can be traced to unwelcome intrusions of personal space. However, this problem cannot be entirely avoided considering that numerous individuals share a very small piece of real estate during a flight, and it seems to be getting smaller (see recent USA Today article).  The best that one can do is to minimize the occurrence and take the edge off of such intrusion as much as possible.

Since you will be sitting really close to others during a flight, you should pay attention to hygiene. If you have a very early flight the next day, you may want to wake up early to shower or at least take a shower the night before your flight. If you happen to be sitting beside one whose smell is just plain offensive, do not make snide remarks if you do not want to engage in a nasty fight. You may be better off approaching a flight attendant and request to be seated elsewhere.

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EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - JUNE 23: Regional train arrives on theWhen I have more than five hours to spare in between flights, I usually include possible side trips in my pre-travel research for my layover.

Rather than spending long hours in the airport, if you can hop on a bus or a train for a short ride to the city then do so. It makes for an interesting layover and you can spare yourself from a boring and tedious wait at the airport.

Even with just a few minutes ride in and out of the city to the airport, I usually allot at least two hours to cover travel time, airport inspection and immigration procedures (if flying out of the country).

This should be on top of the required minimum check-in time if advanced check-in is not allowed by the airline. Don’t time your return to the airport too close to your flight schedule. Remember, it is better to have to wait for your flight than to be left behind.

A good side trip should allow you to enjoy the sights of the city for at least two to three hours excluding the two hours allotted for travel time and airport security procedures. Anything less than this is nothing more than a waste of time and will leave you disappointed.

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bigstock-oops-error-or-mistake-making-m-42061855Let’s face it, travel mistakes happen.

Unfortunately, some of these can be very frustrating and/or expensive. Here are 5 common travel mistakes you don’t want to make.

  1. Not Leaving Enough Time Between Connecting Flights
    If you have to take a connecting flight to reach your destination, remember to allow a 1-2 hour window between the flights. You never know what might happen to cause a flight delay: a maintenance issue, weather, the airline forgetting to schedule a crew (this has happened to me!), etc. Waiting at the airport might seem like a drag, but missing your connecting flight is far worse. If you must catch a connection with a shorter window, use the same airline all the way through.
  2. Over-packing
    Only bring what you need. You’re the one who has to haul it around with you. Having to carry too much can make you tired and sore. If you forget something, you should be able to buy it when you get to your destination, especially if you’re traveling domestically. Over packing can lead to an over-the-weight-limit fee, usually $50. (Do you really want to give the airlines more money?) And remember to leave some extra space for shopping and souvenirs!
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ingenioustravel.comI traveled through Tampa International Airport last week and was pretty amazed/disgusted by what I saw while going through security.

A young lady had opted not to go through the body scanner and was led over to the area for a pat down. This traveler was wearing a fitted, spaghetti-strapped tank top with snug jeans. (I’m saying this so you can picture there really wasn’t any room for her to be “hiding” anything.) A female TSA agent preceded with the pat down…and all I could think was “you’ve got to be kidding me” as I watched what the traveler went through.

The young lady stood with her arms extended while being groped.  Yes, groped. The TSA agent first ran her hands through the traveler’s hair then continued down her back, and under the top edge of the tank top. After that, the bottom of her tank top was lifted so the TSA agent could examine the inside waistband of her pants by putting their hands down her pants.  The TSA agent continued to examine the back side of the traveler, beginning at her waist and rubbing their hands down her bottom and all the way to her feet.

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