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It’s no secret that many people adore traveling. It’s also not surprising that most folks can’t buy expensive trips for friends and family as gifts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get someone who loves to travel the perfect present. In fact, I’ve found 8 gifts for a travel enthusiast that I think you’ll agree are so good, you might just want them for yourself.

1 Scratch-Off Map of the World

You’ve probably seen these on Facebook and Instagram. A scratch-off map of the world is exactly what it sounds like. It’s literally a map of the world that you can hang on the wall that allows you to scratch off the locations you’ve been too. How fun would it be to scratch new locations as you visit them?

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Starting around July, travel vendors, and city tourism boards begin promotions for upcoming Christmas Markets, in hopes of enticing travelers to come to their cities to visit and shop. But, what exactly is a Christmas Market, where do they happen, and which ones are the best ones to visit? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

A Christmas Market is a street market that involves vendors selling goods and gifts in celebration of Christmas. Some of these are more religiously focused on Christ and the church than others. They are usually set up about a month before Christmas day the week of Thanksgiving, but some are much shorter in length.

The best and most popular Christmas Markets also entail live shows and entertainment making it more than just a shopping event. For example, you could watch a Christmas play, try some new desserts, or spend the evening ice skating on a temporary ice rink.

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What is the difference between an escorted, hosted and an independent tour? This is a common question in the travel industry, and in this post we’re breaking down what they are, and the advantages of each. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

Escorted Tours

An escorted tour is one that is conducted by a tour director. They will take care of everything from beginning to end. For example, your transportation to and from the airport, as well as transportation to and from your hotel for daily activities. You’ll also typically be with a group throughout your tour.

For some escorted tours it’s a one day affair where they will pick you up from your hotel in the morning, take you to see the sites, and then bring you back to your hotel in the evening. Typically there is a strict agenda with meal times, and places to visit set up for you as well.

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Theme River Cruises | Ingenious TravelWhether you have been on a themed river cruise before or are contemplating on heading out on your very first one, you should know that there are plenty of great options out there to choose from. If you are debating what types are available or which one would best suite your preferences, consider the following…

Christmas Theme

Make this Christmas the most special one yet by heading out on a Christmas themed river cruise through some of the best parts of Europe. Imagine cruising through France, Germany or Austria and stopping off at each inviting town to explore the many Christmas markets. This seems to be a favorite amongst those who want to spend the holidays in a unique and unforgettable way.

Food & Wine Theme

For lovers of both food and wine, this would be the absolute best choice and guaranteed to have you enjoying some of the best of both worlds for up to two weeks on board a fantastic vessel. Some of the most popular regions to explore are France and Italy although there are some options throughout the US as well that take you through wine countries of the Lower Mississippi River.

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If you know someone heading out on a coming up adventure and are in search of the perfect travel gift to send them on their way, consider these following fantastic gift ideas…

4-1 Adapter | Ingeious Travel

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

4-in-1 Adapter

For anyone traveling the globe, this is an absolute must have! With cell phones, cameras and laptops always needing to be charged, a universal adapter is something that always needs to be in the purse or backpack of the traveler. There are some fantastic ones out there!

Passport Holder | Ingenious Travel

From Flight 001

Passport Holder

Passports are of course one of the first things you will in order to enter any country outside of your own and when it comes to staying organized, a passport holder is a must. Try to find one with plenty of slots and to keep any other small and necessary documents inside, which always helps when it comes to not losing anything important. For some stylish and versatile suggestions, click on the link above.

WakaWaka | Ingenious Travel

WakaWaka Solar Charger

Solar Charger

If your world traveler is heading to either the mountains, remote villages or somewhere you know won’t have any wall sockets available, this is the perfect gift! A solar charger allows that person to always stay fully charged and rely on nothing but the power of the sunshine. This will give them a chance to keep taking pictures on that phone or camera of theirs and capture things they won’t want to miss!

Moleskin Photo Book | Ingenious Travel

Moleskin Photo Book

Moleskin Photo Notebook

Chances are that your traveler is going to want to document their adventures through both words and pictures; the Moleskin Photo Notebook allows them to do just that! With a classic style perfect for both men and women, it gives them the chance to add quotes, pictures and notes while having a durable and dependable product to rely on.

Evoloution Neck Pillow | Ingenious Travel

Evolution Neck Pillow –

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

When it comes to travel, there is nothing worse than not being able to sleep on that long and dreaded plane ride, train ride or bus ride. However, with a soft and comfy memory foam pillow, sleep is almost always a guarantee. With handy side pockets perfect for storing your phone or mp3 player to drown out the noise, your world traveler will be thanking you for many months to come.

These are just a few of our ideas. Have others? Please mention them in the comments below!

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Kayaking in Antarctica | Ingenious TravelIf you are heading out for an adventure through Antarctica and are considering opting in to do some sea kayaking…debate no more and just do it! There is nothing quite like gliding through the icy waters, around icebergs and past some surprisingly friendly sea creatures while in a group of sea kayakers experiencing the same exact thrill as you. If you are not fully convinced yet, mull over the following five reasons as to why you should head out on this experience of a lifetime…

  1. An Opportunity Like None Other
    Though popularity is gaining each year, sea kayaking through the waters of Antarctica is still something that not many people can say they have done. Most people believe they won’t be able to withstand the cold while out there but in fact once you find yourself surrounded by all the natural beauty, the temperature is the last thing on your mind. Take the chance to experience something that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  1. Incredible Pictures
    If you already have a waterproof or weatherproof camera, then you are going to walk away from this adventure with some of the most beautiful pictures you may have ever taken. By taking so many shots of your journey through the waters, you are allowing yourself to look back on memories that are sure to last for many years to come.
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Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner! It’s the perfect time to plan your travel for 2015. Here are five travel gift ideas for the book lovers in your life (or you!).

50 Shades of Romance:

50 Shades of Romance | Ingnious TravelTravel to Seattle to join 16 erotic romance writers for a weekend of debauchery, including a private screening of the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Some additional conference highlights include author panels, book signings, a pajama party, sexy shopping, and food! February 13-15, 2015


Downton Abbey VIP Private Tour with No RopesOxford | Ingenious Travel:

Travel to England: (Okay, I know, not a book, but close enough, right?) You’ve watched every episode of Downton Abbey and probably own boxed sets of each series. Next April you will be able to relive some of your favourite moments through this exclusive access visit to Highclere Castle, the family home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. In addition, there are On Location visits to some of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds villages featured in the different episodes. Topped and tailed with time in London, the tour also includes leisurely visits to Hampton Court Palace, Blenheim Palace and the university city of Oxford. April 6 – 12, 2015

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The Beatles StampThis year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles U.S. Invasion! What could be better than a trip to their old stomping ground and experience the magic that is London and Liverpool? Here’s a great itinerary for the ultimate fan!

Day 1 – Welcome to London

Arrive London Heathrow where your driver will meet and take you to Changing of the guards at Windsor castle, Englandyour centrally located London hotel.  In order to avoid the rush hour traffic, you will visit nearby Windsor Castle where you might catch the Changing of the Guard.

Day 2 – Classic Rock & Beatles site tour

bigstock-Abbey-Road-Sign-46118437Morning is at leisure for your own independent sightseeing before taking the afternoon London Rock and Roll Tour. You’ll take a nostalgic trip down music’s time tunnel; discover what made the 60s ‘swing’ along Chelsea’s Kings Road, explore the hippy ‘counter-culture’ in historic Notting Hill, and follow the Beatles across rock’s famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing. There will be an opportunity for souvenir shopping at the Beatle store. The tour ends at London’s Hard Rock Cafe in time for an early dinner (optional) and visit to the memorabilia vault.

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Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House SignWe stopped for lunch at the infamous Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House before heading to the Jack Daniel Distillery tour. And what a lunch it was!

Rooms in the boarding house have been converted into dining rooms, each holding a long table seating 8-14 guests. This is done purposely, allowing for interaction with those you’re eating with during your family style lunch. (My friends and I were seated with people from California, Tennessee, Alabama, London, and Russia!) The food is already on the table when you walk into your dining room. Keep in mind, there is no menu posted. Each day the chefs decide what they feel like making and all meals come from the Jack Daniel’s Cookbook (one day fried chicken, another day catfish, etc.). A Miss Mary Bobo’s Hostess also joins you for lunch, sharing the history of the boarding house and of those who once resided here.

Today’s lunch, southern fried chicken, meatloaf, fried okra, macaroni and Lunch at miss-mary-boboscheese, boiled potatoes, corn, butter beans, rolls, and apples seasoned with a splash (or ten) of Jack Daniels. Our hostess tasted the apples and told us the chefs were quite happy today and we would be as well after eating them. And for dessert, chocolate fudge pie with Jack Daniel’s whipped cream. (Definitely not the best meal for those who are gluten-free, like me. The meatloaf is gluten-free, made with oats, just ask for it without ketchup.)

I’m sure you noticed the use of Jack in some of the food. Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House is located in a dry county, meaning you can’t buy or sell alcohol. Miss Mary found a way around this by using the local product in her recipes.

This is a quaint restaurant sticking with the traditions and history of Lynchburgh, Tennessee. A definite must for lunch if you’re in the area. Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House offers two lunch time seating options, 11 AM or 1 PM. During peak seasons, you may find a third for 3 PM. No matter when you visit, remember reservations are required.

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Distillery SignNo visit to Tennessee is complete unless you stop in Lynchburg and take a tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery – even if you don’t drink whiskey!

This free, hour long tour gives you an up close and personal look into the history of this dry county’s thriving distillery. (What is a dry county?  It’s a county where the sales of alcoholic beverages are forbidden. Rather an oxymoron isn’t it…a dry county producing spirits it can’t sell.)

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn on the tour:

  • Moore County, home to the Jack Daniel Distillery, has beenJack Daniel dry since Prohibition. With a population of approximately 5,000, the county is the smallest in Tennessee and doesn’t have enough people living in it to hold a vote to reverse this. (In Tennessee, a county must have a population of at least 7,500 people in order to pass/change laws.) The Jack Daniel’s company petitioned the state for a special permit to allow the sale of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey souvenir bottles to be sold in the Visitor Center gift shop.
  • Distillery attendance is perfect on the first Friday of the month as all employees get a bonus:  a 750 mL bottle of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.
  • Each Jack Daniel whiskey barrel is used only once then sold. These used barrels sell for close to $300. (Want to see a unique way a barrel was used – check out this video.)

There’s more I could tell you, but that would spoil your visit. Check out our Pinterest board to see more of our pictures from the tour. Please keep in mind cameras aren’t allowed in all areas of the distillery, so for the full experience, you’ll need to visit yourself.

Are you a fan of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey? (If you’re interested in trying it, but not sure what to mix it with, try these recipes from the Jack Daniel’s website.) If not, what’s your favorite mixed drink?

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