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Starting around July, travel vendors, and city tourism boards begin promotions for upcoming Christmas Markets, in hopes of enticing travelers to come to their cities to visit and shop. But, what exactly is a Christmas Market, where do they happen, and which ones are the best ones to visit? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

A Christmas Market is a street market that involves vendors selling goods and gifts in celebration of Christmas. Some of these are more religiously focused on Christ and the church than others. They are usually set up about a month before Christmas day the week of Thanksgiving, but some are much shorter in length.

The best and most popular Christmas Markets also entail live shows and entertainment making it more than just a shopping event. For example, you could watch a Christmas play, try some new desserts, or spend the evening ice skating on a temporary ice rink.

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Searching for a family-accommodating ski resort that won’t bore your younger downhill racers? You’re in luck because we’ve found some of the best kid-friendly ski resorts in the United States. Without further adieu, here they are in no particular order:

Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado

Just under two hours from Denver, Keystone is Vail Resorts’ budget and family-friendly mountain with some of North America’s best “backcountry” skiing. They’ve got a kids ski free program that allows kids 12 and under to ski completely free, and they’ve given away more than a hundred thousand complimentary lift tickets to families who book a two-night or longer stay in one of the resort’s three auto-free villages. The activities for children in these areas are virtually endless including snow play, adventure walks, pottery classes, cooking classes, skating and more. The best part? Most of the activities are also included with your stay!

Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah

Only a 35-minute drive out from Salt Lake City, Utah, sits Park City – a small town with Western flair. Not only does this spot host the Sundance Film Festival every year, it’s a ski-family favorite. Teens particularly like the area. Just a few of the features you’ll find here include Olympic-class slopes, fabulous ski lessons, a plethora of restaurants and shops, snowboarding, snowmobile tours and more.

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Rockefeller Center - New York City | Ingenious Travel

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If you’re looking for something fun to do for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve this year, I’d like to suggest a weekend getaway to New York City. You won’t believe all of the exciting events the city has lined up for the end of year holidays! Check them out below:

The Macy’s Day Parade and Balloon Inflation Parties

You’ve probably seen the Macy’s Day Parade on television from home, but imagine seeing those amazing large balloons and all of the excitement live, in person. I’ve even got an extra special opportunity available for you to see how the parade comes together! You can watch these massive balloons get inflated and get some photo opps that aren’t always available to the general public. And, there are VIP parade viewing parties available as well.

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Christmas Around The World | Ingenious TravelIf you are hoping to try out something a little different for this coming Christmas season, then consider a fun destination outside of your home city. There are so many fantastic cities that celebrate Christmas in unique, fun and exciting ways that you can join in on. If you aren’t sure where to head, consider the following options…

New York City – USA

If you love New York City in the fall, spring and summer, then you will most certainly love it during the winter months. Bundle up and head to the famous annual lighting of Rockeffeller Center’s Christmas Tree, experience Bryant Park’s Winter Wonderland, ice skate at Central Park and marvel at the Christmas lights that seem to illuminate the city.

Valkenburg – Netherlands

Explore the inviting and cozy town of Valkenburg in the Netherlands where you will get the chance to wander through the fabulous Christmas market, discover the cavern houses, centuries old chapels and have some fun on a train ride aboard the Christmas Express. This is a fantastic place to head with little children where fun and holiday cheer is guaranteed every step of the way.

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Falconry in Ireland | Igenious TravelIf you have always been interested in the sport of Falconry – especially that which goes on in Ireland – or if you have heard of it but not quite sure what it entails, then the following information should help to clear things up.

What is Falconry?

The dictionary describes Falconry as, “the sport of hunting with falcons, hawks, eagles, etc. or the art of training hawks to hunt”. In other words, an individual (Falconer) pairs up with a type of bird mentioned just before in order to hunt together. Another definition defines it as, “the art or sport of taking wild quarry in its natural state or habitat using trained hawks or falcons”.

The History

Falconry is thought to have originated in the east, most likely in Korea and around the time of 2,000 B.C. It then spread throughout China and Japan before the sport caught on in parts of Persia and eventually made its way to Medieval Europe.

Today, it is considered to be the fastest growing country pursuit in both Europe and North America. In Ireland, it not only has a long and unique history but it is also thriving in today’s society.

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If you are a lover of history and architecture, chances are you have got some incredible destinations on your bucket list of which many include magnificent castles in far away lands. If you have yet to compile that list but are hoping to do so in the near future, consider adding in the following must see castles found throughout the world…

Alnwick Castle | Ingenious Travel

  1. Alnwick Castle – England

For Harry Potter fans, this castle is an absolute must and a place that is not to be missed! The first two films featured this incredible structure where it represented Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is also one of the largest inhabited castles throughout all of England and is thankfully open for group tours and school visits.

Bran Castle | Ingenious Travel

  1. Bran Castle – Romania

Built in the early 1300’s, this is also another famous castle that has been featured in many films including the most known, Dracula and is therefore known as “Dracula’s Castle”. If you ever find yourself in Romania, be sure to head here as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the area.

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Union Jack| Ingenious TravelFor a lot of Americans traveling to the UK, it’s easy to get caught up in activities that can be labeled as “touristy.” You may spend a few days and nights in London experiencing the city, taking photos of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and exploring various museums. You may book a tour that takes you through some of the beautiful countryside and not-so-remote castle ruins. Or, for a slightly more adventurous trip, you may venture to an historic site like Stonehenge, or a national park area like the Lakes District. All of these are perfectly worthy activities that can expose you to beautiful and fascinating locations. However, none of them really exposes you to the culture and atmosphere of the country.

This is why it’s also a good idea to find a few specific events to take in when booking a trip to the UK. Festivals, gatherings, athletic contests, etc. are often some of the best places to enjoy yourself abroad. So, while you should absolutely take the time to see the famous sights while visiting the UK, consider planning your trip around one (or a few) of these annual events as well.

Up Helly Aa

Two words: fire festival. You won’t find many gatherings as unique, strange, or oddly enjoyable as Up Helly Aa, which is essentially a Scottish celebration of Viking culture and heritage. Held each January in Lerwick—it’s an area that once belonged to Vikings—the celebration is like diving back in time for 24 hours. There are Viking costumes, lit torches, various fire-related displays, and a main event that consists of lighting a replica Viking ship aflame out on the water. The Telegraph’s incredible gallery of images from events past will give you a clear idea of what sort of atmosphere to expect.

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Urquhart Castle Loch NessThere is no lack of things to do when visiting Scotland. There is so much diversity in its array of attractions that visitors with varying interests will certainly find something worthwhile and exciting in this country. Whether you intend to spend your holidays teeing off on the golf course, hiking in rugged terrain or uncovering a mystery in the land of Nessie, Scotland will not disappoint.


Here are some ideas you may want to try when visiting Scotland:

History buffs and architecture fans will find the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow appealing. They have plenty of impressive buildings and historical landmarks which can take quite a few days to cover. To name a few, there are the Edinburgh Castle and the Glasgow Cathedral that are both striking and rich in historical significance. Their museums also display impressive collections and are definitely worth checking out.

The cities’ vibrant nightlife, entertainment options and gastronomic offerings are not bad either. Don’t miss out on pub food which actually is quite delicious! The pub’s flurry of activities and exchange of funny stories and camaraderie are just the perfect icing to this delightful experience.

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bigstock-Merry-Christmas-everyone-Chri-49785464Travelers looking for that perfect Christmas getaway could consider spending their Christmas in any of the beautiful countries of Europe. European Christmases are known to be among the best in the world and they offer tourists a wonderful atmosphere, beautifully decorated streets, the occasional Christmas tree, grand celebrations and pristine white lights. December 25th is quite revered in Europe and you can expect to wake up with the sound of church bells and the hustle bustle of families walking to their favorite churches. Consider visiting one of the local churches of Europe during Christmas – it is probably going to be one of the best experiences of your lifetime. Christmas traditions across Europe might be different, but that does not mean that they are not fun. Here are some of the best ways to spend your Christmas in Europe.

London, UK Those who prefer huge crowds and a modern Christmas bigstock-Oxford-Street-London-Christmas-6614148atmosphere should simply hop over to London. The city is extremely popular for its beautiful productions and theatres such as The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Night Before Christmas, and The Snowman. What makes these shows unique is the fact they offer spectators with a fantastic blend of singing, dancing and humor along with beautiful fairy tale based themes. Those looking for something more traditional could always visit the English National Ballet. Talking about London, the festive spirit is not only limited to its productions and gala celebrations. You can also spend a lot of time checking out the beautiful Christmas decorations in the stores located on Regent Street and Oxford Street. The humongous Christmas tree which decorates Trafalgar Square each year is quite famous as well. A boat trip on the River Thames or an organized Christmas walk are other popular Christmas activities taking place in London. Remember to pre-plan your trips as you might also get access to lavish Christmas dinners in one of the beautiful castles located in the city.

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Jade Lee Blog PicMy mother was Chinese, born in ShangHai, but emigrating here when she met and married my father during graduate school. In many ways, she was very American, but some holiday traditions escaped her. Halloween, for example, was beyond bizarre to her. Why would anyone send out their children to go begging? But what really confused her was the Thanksgiving turkey. There are no turkeys in China. To her the creature was an overgrown chicken or a weirdly shaped buzzard. It just wasn’t right, and though she eventually realized that it was a sacred American tradition to eat one and fall asleep on the couch the fourth Thursday of every November, she was never quite comfortable with it. So in her later years, she abandoned the turkey in favor of my favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

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