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Located in the South Pacific sits The Cook Islands. This stunning set of 15 islands are scattered across the area, and the largest island of the Cooks is . The Cook Islands are a fabulous place to consider escaping to in order to relax and refresh your body, mind and spirit. If you’re planning a visit to the Cooks, here are a few things you might want to do while there:

  1. Go scuba diving. You’ll quickly understand why this is considered one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving. The area is not overrun with tourists and commercialism, so you will enjoy the life under the sea in a mostly unspoiled environment.
  2. Hike through the Tropical Rainforest. The gorgeous terrain will put you up close and personal with the wildlife as you walk on nature’s green carpet.
  3. Travel around by scooter. You can rent a scooter and travel at your own pace, stopping when you want to see something new.
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Rockefeller Center - New York City | Ingenious Travel

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If you’re looking for something fun to do for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve this year, I’d like to suggest a weekend getaway to New York City. You won’t believe all of the exciting events the city has lined up for the end of year holidays! Check them out below:

The Macy’s Day Parade and Balloon Inflation Parties

You’ve probably seen the Macy’s Day Parade on television from home, but imagine seeing those amazing large balloons and all of the excitement live, in person. I’ve even got an extra special opportunity available for you to see how the parade comes together! You can watch these massive balloons get inflated and get some photo opps that aren’t always available to the general public. And, there are VIP parade viewing parties available as well.

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Girlfriends | Ingenious Travel

Going on a vacation with your girlfriends is about so much more than just having fun. It’s about escaping daily responsibilities. It’s about the uninterrupted conversations and just doing what makes you happy. It’s about bonding in a place away from home to create memories that will last you all a lifetime. It’s about sisterhood! Planning a getaway with your girlfriends can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Should you be thinking about going away with your closest besties, here are some tips that may help you along the way:

Begin by picking a destination: You all must agree on a place to go. You can research the most famous destinations online, or you can get together and simply discuss where you all would like to go. Make a case for your choice destination and if you can’t agree on the exact destination, at least discuss the elements you want out of the trip. Now might also be a good time to get your travel agent at Ingenious Travel involved because we might have an idea for you that fits your time, budget and meets all of your needs.

Book flights that arrive at the same time, but if possible book the same flight: In the event you’ll each be traveling from different places, at least try to arrive around the same time so you can share transportation to your hotel. Call us to coordinate your travel times and we can either get you all on the same flight if you’re traveling together, or if you’re traveling separately we can arrange those accommodations.

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If you are planning your first trip to beautiful Barcelona, Spain and still wondering with what you are going to fill your days with while there, consider the following fantastic options that you absolutely must not miss out on…

Casa Mila | Ingenious Travel

Explore Gaudi’s Many Marvels

No trip to Barcelona would ever be complete without exploring and discovering the many impressive works of Antoni Gaudi, a famous architect who certainly left his mark on the city. Begin by wandering through Parc Guell where you will get the chance to see some of the most unique and colorful architectural designs in the world. Next, visit La Sagrada Familia – Church of the Sacred Family – before heading right over to Casa Batllo, his apartment building masterpiece unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Las Ramblas | Ingenious Travel


Wander Down Las Ramblas

There is a big chance you have already considered doing this as it is the busiest and most popular neighborhood in all of Barcelona. Filled with a nearly endless list of booths, restaurants and bars that are perfect for making your rounds and filling up your appetite as well as shopping bags. Though busy at most times of the day – except siesta time – it is a must, even if it is just a one-time activity.

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Christmas Markets | Ingenious TravelEach year, various countries throughout Europe put away the fall colors of orange, yellow and red and bring out the twinkling lights, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and endless holiday treats to put on some of the world’s best Christmas Markets. If you have only heard about such markets and have yet to actually experience one first hand, a river cruise may just be your ticket to an opportunity of a lifetime. Imagine making your way through to find yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains, a winter scenery you’ve only seen pictures of and a magical jovial extravaganza awaiting for your entry. Consider heading on a river cruise that takes you to the following European Christmas Markets…

Maastricht – Holland

Explore an extremely cozy and delightful wander through the Magical Maastricht where you can indulge in locally made treats, ice skate in the temporary 100-meter squared ice rink or even go for a ride on the big wheel just outside. A well lit, beautifully decorated and welcoming oasis filled with endless treasures to enjoy and take back home.

Winter Wonders – Belgium

Located in Brussels within the beautiful setting of Place Sainte Catherine, Winter Wonders is bursting with colors, a fun atmosphere and plenty of things to see and discover while there. Enjoy the ice rink and Ferris wheel along with the many concerts and marching bands that put on shows for the whole crowd to delight in.

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Rainy Days While on Vacation | Ingenious TravelGood weather is not always guaranteed when you are on vacation. Even if you are traveling in the right season, there is no telling what nature has in store for you when you get to your destination. If you do wake up to a rainy day, don’t spend the hours sulking in your hotel room. There are plenty of things you can do to enjoy your day even if it is raining cats and dogs outside.

If the rain thwarts your plan of walking around and exploring the sights, be flexible and find other opportunities to learn more about your destination. You can also visit a local restaurant or cafe and spend time interacting with the regulars. You will be surprised at how time flies really fast when good conversation is available. On top of that, you also get to enjoy a scrumptious traditional meal at the same time. If you do not want to leave the hotel, just spend time at the lobby bar and chat with your barman. You just might get some good travel tips straight from a local.

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Via Dante Milan | Ingenious TravelMilan may not be the perfect place to experience the best of Italian culture, architecture and history but it certainly is a great destination for fashionable tourists who love to shop and enjoy a fabulous nightlife.

Milan houses some of the most famous and in-demand fashion houses in the world, and it is not impossible to rub shoulders with the rich and famous when you are out and about combing the city for the best fashion finds. Since Milan is more famous for its shops than for its historical offerings, a trip to the city is not complete without taking a look at some of the most popular shopping destinations in the area.

Top on the list is Via Dante. If pedestrian traffic is any indicator of Dante’s popularity status among all of Milan’s high streets of fashion, then many would claim that the bustling thoroughfare is the fashion capital of the city, if not of the entire country.

Via Dante is not only the most visited in the city, it is also the most ostentatious. Begin from Piazzale Cordusio and you can get lost in shopping haven all the way to Largo Cairoli. You will not only find elegant and luxurious shops, boutiques and retail stores in the long stretch of Dante but you will also get entertained along the way by street artists and performers.

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bigstock-oops-error-or-mistake-making-m-42061855Let’s face it, travel mistakes happen.

Unfortunately, some of these can be very frustrating and/or expensive. Here are 5 common travel mistakes you don’t want to make.

  1. Not Leaving Enough Time Between Connecting Flights
    If you have to take a connecting flight to reach your destination, remember to allow a 1-2 hour window between the flights. You never know what might happen to cause a flight delay: a maintenance issue, weather, the airline forgetting to schedule a crew (this has happened to me!), etc. Waiting at the airport might seem like a drag, but missing your connecting flight is far worse. If you must catch a connection with a shorter window, use the same airline all the way through.
  2. Over-packing
    Only bring what you need. You’re the one who has to haul it around with you. Having to carry too much can make you tired and sore. If you forget something, you should be able to buy it when you get to your destination, especially if you’re traveling domestically. Over packing can lead to an over-the-weight-limit fee, usually $50. (Do you really want to give the airlines more money?) And remember to leave some extra space for shopping and souvenirs!
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Salem, Massachusetts, home of witchcraft hysteria.

I was lucky enough to spend a few hours visiting Salem while in Boston for a conference this time last year.  Along with the beautiful fall leaves and crisp air, the Halloween season was in full swing!

There is plenty to do and see while visiting Salem, especially in October during Haunted Happenings. They offer a full calendar of events providing everything from haunted tours to psychics even wine and mead tasting.

You’ll also find a number of Salem staples open year round: the House of Seven Gables, the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch History Museum, and Salem’s Only Monster Museum to name a few. The town also pays tribute to one of pop culture’s most famous witches, Samantha from Bewitched.

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Today we decided to start with the Grey Line Seattle Sightseeing Hop-On-Hop-Off City Tour. These tours are a great way to become familiar with a city by taking a guided tour that supplies you with history and allows flexibility for exploring the sights.

While on the tour, our guide pointed out several notable locations between stops. One of the most noteworthy was the Edgewater Hotel, built on Pier 67. It was originally constructed for the World’s Fair in 1962, but wasn’t completed until five days after the fair ended. It has a unique history nonetheless. The design of this hotel is quite distinctive, as it was built on and in such a way guests could fish from their hotel room windows. Over the years many famous musicians have stayed at this hotel, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. In fact a famous photograph of the Beatles was taken here as they fished from their hotel room window.

Edgewater Hotel on Pier 67

Our first stop of the day was Pike Place Market. It’s home to over 200 commercial businesses, from bakeries to restaurants and has been in operation now for over 100 years. It’s even home to the original Starbucks, hence the name of their Pikes Place coffee.

Pike Place Market

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