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With many of us planning to stay closer to home this summer, more and more people are looking at visting national parks, with Yosemite National Park at the top of their list.

Hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking or plain nature sightseeing – Yosemite National Park is one of the best places in the United States to do all these and more. The natural beauty of the area, with its verdant forests, scenic meadows, gorgeous waterfalls and giant sequoias, qualify the park to be on top of any nature lovers must- visit US sites.

You don’t have to be in top form to fully enjoy the scenic vistas and picturesque views of the park. You can easily reach its attractions in your car or you can hop on the open tour bus for a scenic drive around the area.

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Searching for a family-accommodating ski resort that won’t bore your younger downhill racers? You’re in luck because we’ve found some of the best kid-friendly ski resorts in the United States. Without further adieu, here they are in no particular order:

Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado

Just under two hours from Denver, Keystone is Vail Resorts’ budget and family-friendly mountain with some of North America’s best “backcountry” skiing. They’ve got a kids ski free program that allows kids 12 and under to ski completely free, and they’ve given away more than a hundred thousand complimentary lift tickets to families who book a two-night or longer stay in one of the resort’s three auto-free villages. The activities for children in these areas are virtually endless including snow play, adventure walks, pottery classes, cooking classes, skating and more. The best part? Most of the activities are also included with your stay!

Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah

Only a 35-minute drive out from Salt Lake City, Utah, sits Park City – a small town with Western flair. Not only does this spot host the Sundance Film Festival every year, it’s a ski-family favorite. Teens particularly like the area. Just a few of the features you’ll find here include Olympic-class slopes, fabulous ski lessons, a plethora of restaurants and shops, snowboarding, snowmobile tours and more.

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Lake-Louise-in-Banff | Ingenious TravelBanff National Park in Alberta, Canada attracts millions of tourists year after year. Although the park tends to get too crowded during peak season, it doesn’t deter nature-loving individuals, couples and families from visiting.

Nature treks and camping are perfect during summer while skiing and snow-boarding are best during winter. However, if you want a more tranquil time when visiting the area, summer and winter are not the best occasions because of the myriad of tourists and winter sports enthusiasts. Try the shoulder seasons and you may have the park all to yourself!

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Ah, the much awaited winter is finally here! Yes, the harsh cold might be an issue for many, but winter allows for the fun outdoor activity of skiing. And who in their right minds doesn’t love skiing? (Okay, I admit, I’m not a skier.) The sheer sight of dramatic vistas from the ski lifts, the enchanting feel of the cold air nipping at one’s cheeks, the crazy adrenaline rush and experience of flying through the snow are a few of the things that make a perfect ski trip. The general rule when it comes to selecting a ski resort is to either head north or head high. If the chosen resort includes a glacier, your experience is going to be even better. Here are our top 5 places for skiing this winter, including the most popular places in the US and around the world!

05. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Whether its secret powder caches, chutes or steeps and whether its snowboarding, cross country skiing or jacksonhole2Telemark skiing, Jackson Hole is a perfect choice. The resort is famous all over the world for its enormous vertical terrains and back country access. It also offers ski enthusiasts with a wide range of terrains to choose from. One of the most popular features of the resort is its 100 passenger aerial tram which journeys from the Teton Village to the Rendezvous Mountain summit which is located at a height of 10,450 feet. This magnificent journey takes tourists through 4,139 feet vertically lift and offers jaw dropping 360 degree views of the Teton area. Any trip to Jackson Hole is an experience which you will never forget.

Insider Tip – The lift lines at the Aerial Tram are known to be quite long. So make sure that you get in as soon as possible.

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I follow this great site, and recently got an email letting me know about some amazing specials they had going on.  Right now, they have nine different resorts with great packages offering anything from a night free or even up to 50% off of your lodging if you book early.  We all know how difficult it can be to get into the ski resort of your choice if you look late into the season.  So being able to find a great deal and get into the resort of your choice is always a fabulous thing.

But also in this email was a great listing of ski movies and they provided a list of their top five ski movies:

  1. Dumb and Dumber
  2. Hot Dog – The Movie
  3. Ski School
  4. Aspen Extreme
  5. Better Off Dead

I got to thinking about it and there are a lot of others out there, some good, some really bad and some so bad they are funny.   I’ll bet you didn’t know that the King and Queen of the 1960s beach movies also made a ski movie.  That’s right Frankie Avalone and Annette Funicello made a movie called Ski Party.  Disney got into the act too with a Dean Jones classic called Snowball Express.   And of course there are tons of ski scenes in James Bond Movies, The Spy Who Loved me has an incredible scene where Roger Moore skies off a cliff in his getaway.  Even Hitchcock got into the mix with Spellbound starting Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman.

So definitely check out the deals at and then fire up your favorite ski movie to get yourself ready to go for the upcoming season.


What’s your favorite ski scene from the movies?

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