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Considering having a destination wedding for your upcoming nuptials? That’s an excellent decision! Not only will you save a lot of money compared with a traditional wedding, you’ll have a stunning location to say “I do” to the one you love. If you do hope to have a destination wedding – there are three things you need to know.

  1. It might not be legal in the United States.

This is one of the most surprising facts to couples, but the reality is that many destination weddings are in fact just ceremonies. In other words, you’ll still need to get married in the states to make the civil agreement legal. There are ways to have a legal wedding outside of the U.S., but the paperwork, blood tests (yes, really!), and all of the additional red tape make it a lot more difficult. Add to that the fact that if you make it legal in another country, it might not be recognized by the states, and you might as well just get married here, and have the ceremony elsewhere.

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If you know someone heading out on a coming up adventure and are in search of the perfect travel gift to send them on their way, consider these following fantastic gift ideas…

4-1 Adapter | Ingeious Travel

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

4-in-1 Adapter

For anyone traveling the globe, this is an absolute must have! With cell phones, cameras and laptops always needing to be charged, a universal adapter is something that always needs to be in the purse or backpack of the traveler. There are some fantastic ones out there!

Passport Holder | Ingenious Travel

From Flight 001

Passport Holder

Passports are of course one of the first things you will in order to enter any country outside of your own and when it comes to staying organized, a passport holder is a must. Try to find one with plenty of slots and to keep any other small and necessary documents inside, which always helps when it comes to not losing anything important. For some stylish and versatile suggestions, click on the link above.

WakaWaka | Ingenious Travel

WakaWaka Solar Charger

Solar Charger

If your world traveler is heading to either the mountains, remote villages or somewhere you know won’t have any wall sockets available, this is the perfect gift! A solar charger allows that person to always stay fully charged and rely on nothing but the power of the sunshine. This will give them a chance to keep taking pictures on that phone or camera of theirs and capture things they won’t want to miss!

Moleskin Photo Book | Ingenious Travel

Moleskin Photo Book

Moleskin Photo Notebook

Chances are that your traveler is going to want to document their adventures through both words and pictures; the Moleskin Photo Notebook allows them to do just that! With a classic style perfect for both men and women, it gives them the chance to add quotes, pictures and notes while having a durable and dependable product to rely on.

Evoloution Neck Pillow | Ingenious Travel

Evolution Neck Pillow –

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

When it comes to travel, there is nothing worse than not being able to sleep on that long and dreaded plane ride, train ride or bus ride. However, with a soft and comfy memory foam pillow, sleep is almost always a guarantee. With handy side pockets perfect for storing your phone or mp3 player to drown out the noise, your world traveler will be thanking you for many months to come.

These are just a few of our ideas. Have others? Please mention them in the comments below!

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Brussels Kriek Beer |Ingenious TravelRenowned for being the capital of Belgium, Brussels is a very beautiful destination for all including beer aficionados. It is pretty easy to reach from any place, whether you’re coming by road, air or rail. In Belgium, beer is not only considered a frothy beer but also a culture. There are over 450 different varieties of beer. Some of these beer brands have customized beer glasses in which only a particular type of beer is served. Each of these glasses are designed to enhance the flavor of the beer. Belgians are well known for taking beer seriously. Due to its real flavor, variety and character, connoisseurs visit from different parts of the world to enjoy purely refined Belgian beers.

After a day of exploring fascinating places, tourists can relax in any of the local cafés to enjoy some chocolate with their favorite brew. Brussels is one of the most fascinating and happening cities in Belgium. Brussels is a place to experience diverse pleasure and sublime sourness of Lambic beers in Belgium. With over 1 million people, Brussels is the largest city in Belgium and home to variety of bars, cafés and entertainment venues serving the most refined of Belgian beers. Here you’ll find beer makers producing various kinds of beer styles. Visitors can take a beer tour of the city. Venerable breweries such as Brasserie Cantillon in the south-west of the city and Brewer’s House, which houses a museum dedicated to Belgian beer, offer amazing tours.

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AfricaLayout-safari clothesYou lifelong dream of heading out on safari is finally in the books and you could not be more excited about it! From the roaring lions to the majestic giraffes, safaris are possibly one of the greatest explorations you could check off your bucket list and for many it never becomes a reality. However, along with the excitement of your trip, you also need to be thinking realistically about what you need to pack before heading out. The following are some of the essentials that you will most definitely want to have with you before getting up close and personal with the safari world…

Weather Dependent Clothes

Of course with each season comes various climates and weather, which you will definitely need to be aware of before you leave for your trip. During the summer months when the temperatures are much hotter, you will need to wear lightweight t-shirts and shorts. The winter months when the temperatures drop, you will want to wear long sleeve t-shirts and light but long pants. Make sure no matter what season or temperatures occur that all of your clothes are comfortable!

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Oktoberfest | Ingenious TravelMunich is well known for its Bavarian Beer Halls. The Munich Oktoberfest prides itself as the largest folk festival in the world. Over the past few years, the festival has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists, especially beer lovers, from different parts of the world. An estimated number of six million people visit annually to have a feel of its vibrancy and enjoy great tasting beer served along with grilled sausages and chicken. Oktoberfest usually spans just over two weeks, particularly from mid-September to early October. Asides drinking, eating and dancing, visitors can also enjoy and participate in other fun filled activities such as a wide range of fairground rides, parades, and admire Bavarian beauties trussed in traditional gear. Oktoberfest has something on offer for everyone.

With over 7 million liters of beer available for everyone, locals and tourists alike will definitely experience splendid time sampling the great tasting Bavarian Beer, which is considered as the best in the world. As a first timer, this festival can be a little overwhelming

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Rainy Days While on Vacation | Ingenious TravelGood weather is not always guaranteed when you are on vacation. Even if you are traveling in the right season, there is no telling what nature has in store for you when you get to your destination. If you do wake up to a rainy day, don’t spend the hours sulking in your hotel room. There are plenty of things you can do to enjoy your day even if it is raining cats and dogs outside.

If the rain thwarts your plan of walking around and exploring the sights, be flexible and find other opportunities to learn more about your destination. You can also visit a local restaurant or cafe and spend time interacting with the regulars. You will be surprised at how time flies really fast when good conversation is available. On top of that, you also get to enjoy a scrumptious traditional meal at the same time. If you do not want to leave the hotel, just spend time at the lobby bar and chat with your barman. You just might get some good travel tips straight from a local.

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Travel Insurance | Ingenious TravelMany travelers are often on the fence on whether or not it is a good idea to pay for travel insurance. One thing is for sure, it is always best to be prepared and ready rather than regretful and sorry when the unthinkable happens. However, the answer to the question of whether or not to get insurance for your next trip may not always be a YES!

 Here are some helpful hints to guide you in making your final decision:

First, it pays to review all of your existing insurance policies. Check t and determine if any of these offer coverage for medical emergencies overseas or even away from your own state or province. This is especially important if you have a pre-existing medical condition or if you are simply worried about getting sick while you are on the road. If you are paying for a superior medical insurance package, it is most likely going to be good news for you.

Second, inquire about the perks offered by your credit card company especially when you are a gold (or equivalent) credit card holder. You may be entitled to first-class travel bonuses if you make use of your credit card to purchase airline tickets, hotel bookings and tour reservations for your trip abroad. Call your card’s customer service department and inquire if you are insured against baggage loss, medical emergencies, evacuation, and accidental death and dismemberment, among others.

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Essential Cellphone Tips - Stay Connected While Traveling AbroadThe internet is the most popular way to stay connected while traveling abroad. However, you can’t always lug your laptop or portable computer with you, finding an internet connection may not always be possible and an internet cafe may not even be a known concept yet in the remote village you plan on spending your vacation. Luckily, you have a cell phone that is almost negligible in weight but very reliable if staying connected with your friends and family at home is a priority while you are away.

Before anything else, it bears stressing that a smart phone can make traveling much easier because it does not only store relevant data, it can also easily connect you to the internet when a wi-fi connection is available. Most smart phones also have at least a still camera in most cases even a video camera on board which can be convenient for your photo taking. Moreover, there are countless travel applications for smartphones which effectively bring significant information such as maps, must-see attractions and savvy travel tips right at your fingertips.

If you want to make sure that internet connection is always at hand regardless of wi-fi availability, then you might want to consider arranging for an international data plan with your service provider. The same goes with international roaming, whether with a smartphone or regular cell phone, which allows you to make long-distance calls while you are abroad without need of complicated international dialing or operator assisted calls.

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stolen wallet | Ingenious TravelYou’re on vacation and having a great time with friends and family. You reach for your wallet to pay for the souvenir in your hand and realize your wallet is stolen.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you find yourself in this situation:

Try not to Panic:
I won’t not tell you not to panic, however, when panic strikes, breathe! It works and you will start thinking clearly.

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Laptop Travel |Ingenious TravelBefore anything else, you should know that a laptop is not a good travel companion. Unless you are going on a business trip that requires the the use of your laptop, it is best left at home if you do not want to risk losing or damaging it while you are on the road.

It will also significantly slow you down and will ultimately prove to be much more of a nuisance than helpful in the long run. However, if you really must travel with a laptop, here are some helpful tips to make traveling with it as pleasant as possible.

Your laptop should always be in your carry on bag. Do not even attempt checking it in with the rest of your luggage if you still want to see it in good working condition after your flight. Make sure to protect your device with a laptop sleeve before putting it in a bag or a case of your choice. The laptop sleeves will protect it from bumps and knocks that are unavoidable when traveling. Also, do not forget to put your name, contact number and address inside your laptop bag or better yet, stick it on the device – just in case you lose it and someone gracious gets to find it and attempt to find the owner. It is also good practice to have a copy of your computer’s serial number, just so you can make a good case in the event you find it resting on someone else’s lap.

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