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Looking for a unique travel idea for 2018? Why not travel The Northwest Passage? There is an exciting cruise the runs the full extent of the Northwest Passage for 21 nights, voyaging from Greenland to the Canadian Arctic to the Bering Sea and ending in Alaska.

About the Journey

This unique 24-day adventure will begin in August 2018. After a short time on land in Montreal, you’ll travel by charter flight to Greenland where you’ll hop aboard the luxurious expedition ship ‘Le Boreal’ for your 21-night cruise across The Northwest Passage. While aboard you’ll enjoy:

  • A private balcony with every stateroom and suite
  • shore excursions led by an expert team
  • all-inclusive amenities such as house drinks, meals and gratuities, port charges and taxes.

You’ll also enjoy complimentary room  service, complimentary gear and equipment for your excursions, airport meet and greet with private transfers and pre-cruise hotel stays and sightseeing. And, if you’re staying in a suite, butler services are also included.

What You Can Expect

  • Just as some of the world’s greatest polar explorers did long ago, you’ll discover the most historic and remote islands, fjords and harbors of this elusive passage. Your cruise stops may include Beechey Island, Franklin Camp, Fort Ross and Gjoa Haven.
  • If the conditions permit, you’ll get a chance to see the stunning northern lights.

  • You’ll also explore Greenland’s West Coast. While there you might get a chance to meet local Inuit and their dogsled teams. There may even be a visit to a local hunting village, where you’ll have an opportunity to learn the art of leather tanning.
  • You trip will include the chance to see Franklin Bay’s “Smoking Hills” and the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • You’ll even learn about the remote area of Yukon Territory at Herschel Island, where the Arctic whaling industry thrived at one point.

This is only the beginning of what your cruise of The Northwest Passage will bring you. It’s truly a once in a lifetime trip that will excite and delight everyone from the history buffs and exotic travelers, to the luxury cruise goers and adventurous explorers.

An Overview of Your Itinerary

Arrive Montreal, Quebec

Montreal | Dynamic French-English City

Kangerlussuaq | Edge of Indlandsis

DAYS 4-8
Western Greenland | Where Amundsen began

DAYS 9-18
Nunavut & the Canadian Arctic Archipelago | Heart of the Northwest Passage

DAY 19
Franklin Bay & The ‘Smoking Hills’ | Endless Fire

DAY 20
Hershel Island & The Yukon Territory | Safe Haven in the Farthest Reaches

DAYS 21-22
Beaufort & Chukchi Seas | Waters of the White One

DAY 23
Little Diomede | Along the Alaskan Coast

DAY 24
Nome, Alaska | Gold Rush Fever

Want to learn more or book your trip?

To learn more or to book your cruise of The Northwest Passage, call Ingenious Travel at 888.695.0321. Whatever your travel needs, we can help you plan the perfect vacation!