Culinary Travel

Imagine for a moment watching as cheese is made right before your eyes. Tantalize your taste buds as you learn the art of wine creation. Waft in the aromas of hops as you get schooled in the fine art of your favorite beer. You can do all this and more on a culinary getaway. Whether you want to learn how to make the perfect Beef Bourguignon in the same French culinary school that taught Julia Childs, or explore the caffeinated fields of Costa Rica to be walked through the steps from bean to brew, Ingenious Travel can make your culinary travel dreams a reality.

You’ll quickly learn that there is more to an Italian meal than spices and oils. It’s the love and care that goes into every morsel. Your eyes will grow as large as saucers as you watch corn tortillas being made from scratch and filled with the most amazing carnitas you have ever tasted in your life. You don’t have to wait until the holiday season for sugar plums to dance in your head! You can explore all the foods this amazing planet has to offer, up close in the very places that made your favorite meals famous. You deserve this culinary experience.

With Ingenious Travel’s culinary getaways, you can be assured that you will come home with more than just memories. You’ll learn new ways of cooking, new foods you didn’t even know existed and possibly even have recipes you can share for the rest of your life. You deserve this! Let us help you create the perfect foodie experience.

Ingenious Travel specializes in exciting getaways for families, baby boomers, weekend escapes, culinary adventures, honeymoons, and luxury experiences. 

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