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A Dude Ranch is a perfect vacation option, especially for traveling with a group of friends and/or family. It’s the original Western vacation that’s gaining more popularity in today’s world. The concept of the Dude Ranch began around the early 19th century when ranch owners started hosting guests from the Midwest and East Coast to experience the ranching lifestyle. Ranches are not only cozy, but they have a more ‘home away from home’ kind of appeal.

Three reasons why a dude ranch vacation is perfect for groups:

Visit any time of year

Most dude ranches operate year round and offer a variety of seasonal activities. This allows you to travel on your schedule.


Dude ranches are conducive to every type of traveler and make every guest feel comfortable so they can enjoy their vacation time. Depending on the ranch, you’ll find anything from camping, small cabins, glamping (luxury camping), or even large lodges for options.  Whether you are traveling with 2-3 couples or 2-3 groups of friends/families, you will have enough peace and privacy to enjoy a more rustic or luxuruiys setting. Most are all-inclusive (meals, lodging, and activities) which is rather rare in the United States.

Exciting Activities 

With so many fun activities, you will never get bored at a dude ranch. Here are just a few options available to you:

  • Horseback Riding – Can’t you just picture yourself channeling your inner cowboy and connecting with the horses and wranglers for a complete authentic ranch experience.
  • Shooting sports – archery, hunting, biathalons, paintball and clay
  • Fly fising – find the perfect trout
  • Water sports – swimming, canoeing or white water rafting
  • Trails – Trails abound on most ranches. Perfect for hiking or ATV rides. These are natrually tansformed into the perfect winter escape for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. You may even find some dog sledding.
  • Themed activities – Special themed programs, such as horsemanship clinics, cattle branding, hot air balloon rides, Western literature retreats and nature photography workshops
  • Kids clubs – many dude ranches have on-site kids clubs and run a variety of age approtriate activities

Gorgeous landscapes, flowing rivers, charming and luxurious quaters, world-class dining, and an endless list of adventures and activities make a ranch vacation perfect for every type of travel from couples celebrating milestones, multi-gen families looking to re-connect and discover together, or friends craving an authentic American experience. For more information, join us Tuesday, April 13th (8 PM ET) as we take you virtually on the Road to Ranches!