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Are you looking for a way to encourage your team to make more sales or meet more quotas? Do you need your employees to show up on time or have less unexcused absences? Perhaps what your office needs is a morale boost. Enter the Incentive Travel Program. Ingenious Travel is now offering travel packages that you can extend to your employees to help you get them excited about their job. Instead of offering stale bonuses like gift cards or an extra vacation day, imagine giving them a dream vacation!

With the Incentive Travel Program you can create an incentive that works for your needs and budget. You could create one that allows all of your team members to earn a free trip, or develop a competition where just one team member gets the prize for the period you decide on. We could even create a year long program that allows your team members to earn travel bucks they can cash in at the end of the year so they will be motivated all year long. The possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more about what travel incentives could be available for your company? Give us a call today and see what Ingenious Travel can do for you!

Ingenious Travel specializes in exciting getaways for families, baby boomers, weekend escapes, culinary adventures. honeymoons, and luxury experiences. 

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