Baby Boomer Travel

You’ve been through so many changes since you were born. Depending on your year of birth, you’ve seen at least nine presidents go through the White House. You’ve seen companies merge, you’ve watched technology grow and change, you might even be learning all things social media. You’ve worked hard and been resourceful, and remained ever optimistic, and now you’ve earned a break… continue reading

Family Travel

family travel services

The experiences we have with our families are the ones that will be treasured forever. There’s no denying that a vacation is one of the best ways to bond with the ones we love. From Disney getaways to big cruise line escapes… continue reading

Honeymoon Travel

honeymoon planning

After you say I do, you deserve a getaway that will not only help you relax and unwind, but that will also serve as the perfect romantic foundation for your new lives together as one unit. Ingenious Travel can help you design the honeymoon of your dreams within your needs and budget… continue reading

Luxury Travel

luxury travel specialist

White glove service, exclusive getaways, VIP treatment, and top of the line accommodations – these are just a few of the elements you will enjoy with Ingenious Travel’s luxury getaways… continue reading

Culinary Travel

culinary travel

Imagine for a moment watching as cheese is made right before your eyes. Tantalize your taste buds as you learn the art of wine creation. Waft in the aromas of hops as you get schooled in the fine art of your favorite brew. You can do all this and more… continue reading

Group Travel

Does your office have a big retreat coming up? Maybe you have a large group of friends that wants to vacation together. Or perhaps you are part of a club that wants a themed getaway. Whatever the cause, Ingenious Travel wants to help your group design a trip that will have everyone talking for years to come… continue reading

Incentive Travel

incentive travel agency

Are you looking for a way to encourage your team to make more sales or meet more quotas? Do you need your employees to show up on time or have less unexcused absences? Perhaps what your office needs is a morale boost. Enter the Incentive Travel Program… continue reading

River Cruising

river cruise specialist

River Cruising is on the rise in terms of popularity these days. Perhaps it’s because river boats can access ports that the bigger lines can’t. Maybe it’s because of the destinations. Or could it be the level of service and the intimacy that comes with a smaller crowd?… continue reading