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It’s no secret that 2017’s hurricane season wreaked havoc on the Caribbean. As a result, travelers worldwide have been canceling their trips left and right. Here’s the thing though, where you’re traveling might not be affected, and canceling your trips could be detrimental to their tourism industry.

Yes, it is true that the areas that were hit hardest by Hurricanes Irma and Maria are still recovering, and they have a long ways to go. However, according to a report in the New York Times, “nearly 70 percent were not damaged by the hurricanes and are eager to delicately tout that they’re open for business, according to Frank Comito, the chief executive officer of the Caribbean Hotel Association, an organization that represents hotels and tourism-related businesses in 32 Caribbean destinations.”

While the point of this travel update is not to dismiss or even overshadow how much the areas affected still need help, it is to let you know that you can still have a trip to the Caribbean if you would like to, and it will still help the economies of the surrounding areas. Bahamas, Aruba, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, and Jamaica are just five of the destinations the Times reported on, but there are many other destinations open for business, and hoping you’ll visit soon. The Caribbean region consists of 32 countries, and spans over a million square miles. These destinations depend on travel dollars to keep their economies going, and many of them are hopeful you will visit them soon.

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bigstock-Caymans-23461001George Town, the capital of the Grand Cayman, is popular for a lot more than its banking systems and tax havens. The area is known to host some of the best sights and scenery in the Caribbean. The islands might not be known for dramatic landscapes and lively nightlife. But, what they do offer to the modern day tourist is a charming location, a slower pace of life and natural delights which range from snorkeling and diving to hiking and bird watching. Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in George Town.

05. Visit the Cayman Islands National Museum

Grand Cayman MuseumKnown to be the highlight of most itineraries in George Town, the  Cayman Islands National Museum is a small albeit extremely popular landmark of the capital city. Its small size is well compensated by the fact that it is housed in one of the oldest buildings on the island, a building which in itself is worth seeing. The museum offers tourists which a variety of artifacts which offer great insights into the history of the area and its local flora and fauna. The main highlight of the museum is a wonderful movie presentation which introduces tourists to the museum and to the island as well. With an entry fee of about $8, the museum is definitely worth one’s time.

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