Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacation

When stay-at-home orders were put into place, 
travel ground to a halt.

Until we can get back out on the road, why not

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Maori Culture | New Zealand | Ingenious Travel

October 27 – New Zealand

Kia Ora! New Zealand is invigorating, exciting and delightfully refreshing. With awe-inspiring scenery, revel in the culture of this diverse and fascinating land. See spectacular glaciers, picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forests and miles of sandy coastline. Discover how Maori values have an ongoing influence on everyday life with many opportunities to experience the culture first-hand. See geothermal activity up close in Rotorua with sprouting geysers, hot water pools and bubbling mud pools.

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krakow Poland | Ingenious Travel

November 3 – Poland

Poland has an amazing variety of scenery – beautiful coastal beaches and dunes, lake districts carved out by glaciers, flat plains, lush forests, mountains, including the only Table Mountains in Europe, and even a desert region.

The north coast of Poland is lined by sand that is fine, clean and more beautiful than that found in the Mediterranean. The wide Baltic beaches run beneath high cliffs and along spits. Behind them, the soft sand forms dunes. Between the Baltic coast and the rest of the country is a belt of lakes, while bordering Poland to the south is a belt of mountains. These include relatively new ranges like the Carpathians and the Tatras.

Poland has 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites and unbelievably over 100 castles including Malbork Castle. Dating back to 1276, it is the largest castle in surface area in the world, all to be experienced on a Poland vacation.

Join us as we explore all this amazing country has to offer!

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Chile |Ingenious Travel

November 10 – Chile

The long stretched country of Chile hides many treasures. From the Atacama Desert in the north to Patagonia in the south, Chile offers a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes, interesting cultures and once-in-a-lifetime destinations: it is a country of beautiful extremes. Travelers will get amazed by the combination of untouched wilderness and the warm welcome of the locals, which is frequently accompanied by a glass of local wine.

Chile has many national parks, of which Torres de Paine in Patagonia is the most famous one. Other highlights in the country are the Atacama Desert, Easter Island and the wine valleys in Central Chile. Also the country’s off-the-beaten-path sites are definitely worth a visit. One of them is Chiloe, a magical island group with colorful houses and wooden churches. Another stunning archipelago is Tierra del Fuego, which because of its dramatic landscapes and location in the southernmost tip of the country is also called the ‘End of the World’.

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